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Belfast Sewers Upgrade

United Kingdom
At a Glance: Atkins was lead consultant on a project to upgrade Belfast’s Victorian sewer system and improve water quality in the River Lagan. One of the largest infrastructure projects undertaken in Northern Ireland, the scheme had to contend with high volume stormwater flow and challenging geology. The scale of the project was immense, including the construction of 9.5km of tunnels, 21 access shafts and a pumping station housed in Belfast's deepest and largest excavation. The new infrastructure means that the Belfast sewers can handle a one in 30 year storm event. The project will benefit residents and businesses through: enhanced water quality in the River Lagan, reduced risk of flooding, reduced traffic disruptions that result from emergency road repairs, providing a healthy environment, providing capacity to meet increased tourism, providing efficient infrastructure for future economic development in Greater Belfast.
The challenges this project addresses are: Flooding, Stormwater Management, Basic Services, Transportation, Mobility, Access, Water Quality