Article Series: Cities, Innovation & Procurement

A five-part article series about how procurement can be an entry point to innovation for cities, rather than a barrier to it. This article series is the result of a collaborative initiative of re:focus partners and The Atlas generously supported by the Kresge Foundation.

Cities Seeking Innovation: New Toolkit Available!
Cities can use a procurement toolkit - piloted by seven U.S. cities - to jumpstart progress on top urban issues like resilience, sustainability and equity.
Resilience Depends on Better Procurement
Procurement is a cornerstone of resilience. Cities that invest in procurement improvements upfront can create better outcomes for citizens.
Procurement Tools for Urban Resilience
Cities must rethink procurement processes if they're to address gnarly problems like climate change, deferred maintenance and shrinking service areas.
Spark Innovation in Your City with These Two Steps
To improve procurement outcomes and increase innovation, cities should craft airtight problem statements and think critically about internal capacity.
10 Insights on Local Government Procurement
10 lessons on improving local government procurement to enable resilience, sustainability and equity, based on a 7-city pilot.
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