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Pros/cons to pursuing P3s (public-private-partnerships), lessons learned from successful partnerships and practical tips on how local governments can get started.

Public Private Partnerships in Cities: Tips for Success
In an interview with Mayor Micheal Nuttter and Elle Hempen (CEO of The Atlas) discuss the importance of a successful public private partnerships for a city.
PPPs, Crowdfunding & the Risks Public Agencies Need to Take
Interview with Brian Ross, CEO of Infrashares, an infrastructure crowdfunding platform that is trying to address city officials' historic mistrust of PPPs.
Public private partnerships are dead, long live P3s!
In the United States, execution-based public private partnerships may be benefical to municipalities in the wake of budget cuts.
This PPP is great, we want a PPP! But what about…?
There are many barriers for cities and a PPP to work togother. Project finance should be the goal for any partnership not the actual project.