Featured case study articles and general news about The Atlas: new features we're rolling out, members who have joined the team, milestones we've hit, etc. 
Smart City
Articles about pursuing a smart city vision: how cities are addressing citizen pain points and improving operations through data and technology.
How cities and other local governments are building more resilience into their water, transportation, communications and other systems.
How local governments are building more sustainable communities for future generations.
Pros/cons to pursuing P3s (public-private-partnerships), lessons learned from successful partnerships and practical tips on how local governments can get started.
All about local government finance, including innovative financing mechanisms local governments are using to fund public projects.
How local governments are leading the way in mitigating and adapting to climate change with an emphasis on innovative approaches.
All about local government procurement with an emphasis on how local governments can use procurement as an entry point to innovation.
Gov Tech
How cities, counties and utilities are using technology to improve operations and provide better services at lower costs.
Alliance for Innovation
Articles and resources for Alliance for Innovation members, starting with a series of articles following up on #TLG19's unConference. 
Change Agent Interviews
Local government leaders who work on city projects and priorities join The Atlas in a monthly interview series. Hear directly from local government leaders.