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For Cities

Welcome! Our mission is to help local government officials around the world learn from one another as they upgrade infrastructure systems to be stronger, smarter and more sustainable.
The Atlas (this website!) is a safe, hassle-free space to do just that. We provide all of our support to our partner governments, including access to The Atlas, for free.
The Atlas homepage is just the entry point for our support of city, county and utility staff. Behind the log-in page, you can access many other features, including:
  • Share success stories by uploading features of what’s working in your community…whether that’s a design innovation, specific technology approach or financing strategy. Many partner cities use The Atlas to tell their project stories in a way that’s faster, lives on far longer, and reaches far more people than conference presentations or webinars.
  • Learn what’s working elsewhere by searching through an always-growing database of projects successfully built and installed in cities around the world, uploaded by local government officials, implementing partners and NGOs. Project features include helpful details like financing information and links to procurement documents.
  • Build relationships with partners who can help by asking questions about how a specific solution or strategy has worked in other cities. City officials use The Atlas to connect with other local government officials and with implementing partners (technology vendors, design firms, NGOs, etc.) as well. All communication takes place on The Atlas and must be initiated by city officials.
We love working with local governments of all types, sizes and geographies. We pride ourselves on partnering with local government officials and staff who are forward-looking and striving to find new ways to improve the daily lives of the citizens they represent. We work with folks with all different types of titles from many different departments, but here’s a sampling of departments: Public Works, Planning, Engineering, Mayors Offices, Sustainability and Resilience, Information Technology, Innovation.
We know that you are already bombarded by sales pitches, and that the sheer volume can make it difficult to sort through who could actually be helpful in solving a problem. This is why we structured the platform so that our city partners can choose to start a conversation with companies on The Atlas, but companies cannot contact you directly on site.
Want to learn more? We recommend listening to this GovLove podcast, where Atlas co-founder Ellory Monks and Kip Harkness (Deputy City Manager of Atlas Partner City San Jose, CA) talk about all of the pro-bono support The Atlas provides to its partner cities.
We launched The Atlas in August 2016. In just two years, The Atlas has grown to include more than 100 partner cities from around the world. More than 1,000 local government officials visit The Atlas every month to jumpstart progress on making their communities safer, smarter and more sustainable. To date, The Atlas facilitated more than 3,000 new relationships between city officials and new partners.
Click here to join the Atlas. It takes just a minute to get started!
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