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For Cities

The Atlas team’s mission is to create a safe, hassle-free space for local government officials from around the world to learn from one another as they upgrade infrastructure systems to be stronger, smarter and more sustainable.
The Atlas homepage is just the entry point for our support of city, county and utility staff. Behind the log-in page, you can access many other features that facilitate learning, including:
  • Search for other cities dealing with similar challenges and then message city staff to ask questions about how a project or technology is working or not working. All communication takes place on The Atlas platform because we respect your already-full inbox.
  • Review other cities' RFPs to make writing procurement documents for new infrastructure solutions easier. For example, are you looking to build a distributed solar microgrid? You can pull the statement of work or contract provisions that were used to do just that. Better yet, we’re collecting RFPs, both new and old, so you have a resource for nearly any type of project.
  • Upload your own RFPs so we can hand-deliver the solicitations to a wider range of more relevant potential bidders.
Our focus, and the support we provide, is grounded in data about the infrastructure projects built or installed around the world that are featured on The Atlas platform (this website!). We're always improving that data to make projects easier for cities to replicate - for example, we're currently in the process of collecting specifics about how projects were financed because we know paying for infrastructure is a major hurdle for many cities. By working collaboratively with all of our partners, we can adjust our platform and support to provide immediate value to you and your team.
Also, we know that you are probably bombarded by vendor sales pitches, and that the sheer volume can make it difficult to sort through who could actually be helpful in solving a problem. This is why we structured the platform so that our city partners can choose to start a conversation with a vendor on The Atlas, but vendors cannot contact you directly on site.
We launched The Atlas in August 2016. In just 6 months, we were helping officials from 40+ cities, counties and utilities make tangible progress towards upgrading their infrastructure. Some of our partners are: Denver, El Paso, Hoboken, New Orleans, Miami Beach, Norfolk, Oakland Park, Los Angeles, San Diego, Cleveland, Sonoma County, North Hudson Sewerage Authority, Boston, Iowa City, Key West, Dallas, Oakland, Bowie, Cincinnati, Boulder, Arlington, San Francisco, San Francisco Port, Bernalillo, San Mateo County, Anchorage, Virginia Beach, Savannah, Philadelphia, San Jose.