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Ellory Monks

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Created: Wednesday, October 30, 2019 | Updated: Thursday, October 31, 2019

We are so pleased to announce our partnership with the WaterNow Alliance, a nonprofit organization that enables local water leaders to champion sustainable, affordable and climate resilient water strategies.

As a part of this partnership, we are welcoming all of WaterNow’s nearly 500 local government members to The Atlas community. WaterNow’s members represent a diversity of water leaders, including mayors and council members, as well as leaders on the ground – like Public Works Directors and Sustainability Directors – who are implementing specific sustainability and resilience initiatives.

Why does this matter? Well, we can’t say it any better than our friends at WaterNow: “Local decision makers hold the keys to our water future. In fact, 85% or more of water infrastructure spending occurs at the community level, and 87% of people nationwide are served by public water utilities. While Federal and State agencies have a vital role – the policies, strategies and priorities established by local leaders have the power to fundamentally shift how we think about and use water.”

Because of this partnership, all WaterNow members now have access to The Atlas’s local government-only space. This is where they can search for city case studies, post questions, send/receive direct messages and follow topics and trends in local government and sustainability, including drought, complete streets, renewables and much more.

The WaterNow Alliance is already using The Atlas’s searchable city case study database to highlight the incredible work of WaterNow members to The Atlas community:

We are thrilled for what this means for The Atlas: this is a huge step towards building more sustainable cities by giving local government officials quick, easy access to the advice of their colleagues, expert resources, and partners needed to solve their toughest problems. It gives The Atlas community exclusive access to the expertise and experience of the WaterNow Alliance. And of course, it significantly grows our community of city users (hooray!).

Stay tuned as this partnership puts down roots!

About WaterNow Alliance:

WaterNow is a catalyst for change, and an architect for solutions. We identify and overcome barriers and provide tools and resources for our members to build local support for policies and programs that advance sustainable water management. We provide a forum for collaborative action, and a network for local leaders to learn from each other. We help communities make tangible progress on the ground to bring sustainable water management approaches to scale.

The WaterNow Alliance is a network of nearly 500 local water leaders.
The WaterNow Alliance is a network of nearly 500 local water leaders.
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