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The Atlas Community Team
Created: Thursday, November 4, 2021 | Updated: Thursday, November 4, 2021

using a laptop to support online permitting

Permitting: love it or hate it, it’s an integral part of local government. How can cities write better RFPs to find permitting solutions? Check out these model RFPs for permitting in cities and the different (yet very common!) challenges each city was facing.

  • Clifton Park, NY
    The City’s Challenge: Clifton Park’s current permitting solutions software is outdated. City staff spend a significant amount of time supporting the existing software and plan to phase it out by the end of 2022.The Request for Proposal: The City needs to be able to integrate historical project data into the new permitting solution. They also need to be able to manage workflows between two different departments – The Planning and Building and Development Departments. The permitting solution would support Clifton Park’s permitting and plan review processes, field inspection performance, and response to code enforcement issues.
  • City of Garden Grove, CA
    The City’s Challenge: Building plan review activity in Garden Grove has steadily increased over the past two years. At the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, transition to automate and digitize plan review processes became immediate. Two departments – Planning and Building & Safety – needed to collectively create paperless plan review procedures to maintain the level of service and acceptable turnaround times.The Request for Proposal: The City needs a permitting solution that will improve current and future cross-departmental coordination. The solution also needs to support automating all plan-reviews, permit issuance and inspection processes.
  • City of Seaside, CA
    The City’s Challenge: In the next few years, the City of Seaside is expecting to experience tremendous reinvestment and growth in its residential, commercial and undeveloped properties. In anticipation of this growth, the City is looking to tremendously increase the online submissions of permits and licensing applications, inspection requests and payments.The Request for Proposal: Seaside wants to implement a “One Stop Shop” concept. They’re looking for all customer transactions to take place in one physical location and for the permitting solution to have a customer-friendly online user experience.


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