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The latest articles, thought leadership and updates from The Atlas.

President Biden at NLC 2022: local governments lead the way
The overarching message at this year’s NLC Congressional City Conference: the work of local governments has never been more important.
Local Government Next Normal Survey
Previewing the results of the Local Government Next Normal Survey, a survey of nearly 400 local government officials about the impact of COVID-19.
Housing Solutions Used by Local Governments
Housing solutions used by local governments - success stories from five cities. Affordable housing solutions and technology case studies on The Atlas.
Citizen Engagement: Local Government Success Stories
Citizen engagement in local government - success stories from five cities. Citizen engagement solutions and technology case studies on The Atlas.
How to Share Local Government Success Stories
Local government success stories and case studies are the most valuable ways to advance best practices in local governments.
Clarence Wittwer Joins as new Director of Community!
Clarence Wittwer, former Director of Public Works for the City of Pearland, Texas, joins The Atlas as Director of Community.
Erik Caldwell Joins as Director of Data Strategy!
Erik Caldwell, former Chief Sustainability Officer for the City of San Diego, joins The Atlas as Director of Data Strategy.
WaterNow Alliance + The Atlas: Expanding Our Partnership
We're continuing to grow our partnership with the WaterNow Alliance - welcoming nearly 300 new local water leaders! - to The Atlas community.
A brand new version of The Atlas
There's a brand new version of The Atlas now! Read all about where we've come from, what's new, and why we undertook this massive effort.
Permitting Solutions: Model RFPs in Local Government
Request for propsal (RFP) examples from local government entities seeking permitting solutions in their cities.
COVID-19 and Local Government: What’s the Lasting Impact?
The New Normal Survey asks local government leaders' perspectives on the future of public services and COVID-19’s lasting legacy for local government.
Case Studies for Local Government Priorities
Browse The Atlas case studies based on your local government interests and priorities. Recent highlights from "Challenges" categories in our database.
Competing for Infrastructure Funding for Rural & Small Local Governments
How local governments in low-income, rural and small communities can best position themselves to receive federal funding from the Infrastructure Deal.
The Atlas for Cities Partners with GMIS International
The Atlas welcomes government IT directors to our membership community through a strategic partnership with GMIS International.
The Atlas Partnership with WaterNow Alliance
A partnership announcement welcoming nearly WaterNow Alliance members - nearly 500 local water leaders! - to The Atlas community.
Route Fifty Subscribers Get Access to The Atlas for Cities
The Atlas is launching a new version of the website and today we’re giving Route Fifty’s subscribers the opportunity to get early access to the new site!  
Local Government Learning for Smarter Cities
The Atlas is building an online community for local government learning. Browse case studies, follow trending topics and post questions to peers.
How Cities Approach Policing
Case studies on policing, community engagement, budgeting and reform and how state and local governments are responding to 'defund the police'.
New Case Study Design on The Atlas!
The new case study design and user experience on The Atlas makes local government case studies more searchable, skimmable, and keyword tagged.
RJ Berry, former mayor of Albuquerque, joins The Atlas
We’re thrilled to announce that RJ Berry, former mayor of Albuquerque and leader in local government innovation, has joined The Atlas as Senior Advisor.
In mayors’ civic tech competition, The Atlas places top 5!
The Atlas finishes as a top 5 finalist for the U.S. Conference of Mayor's civic tech competition in Boston, Massachusetts.
City insights we have learned so far at The Atlas
As more cities join and use The Atlas, we gain city insights about infrastructure projects, improving RFP processes, and how cites learn from others.
Angela Murrell joins The Atlas as Head of Development
Angela Murrell joins The Atlas our mission to help cities and innovators connect to make communities safer, smarter and more sustainable.