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Headquarters: San Diego, CA, United States
Local Governments Helped
San Diego Unified School District, CA
Encinitas Union School District, CA
lumeo is a lighting company that partners with school districts, local governments, universities and others to install LED technology and controls to help public entities reduce electricity usage, thereby saving money, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and making measurable progress towards achieving climate action goals. Two things make lumeo distinct from other LED companies: 1) Its emphasis on learning; and 2) Lighting as a Service. As a part of its partnerships with K-12 schools, universities, colleges and municipalities, lumeo engages local students with its work-based learning curricula and offers internships for students that want to learn even more. lumeo has put 25 4th graders, 22 high school seniors, and one college student through its 8-week internship. Of those that participated, ten college-bound students want to study clean tech and two career-bound students want to be electricians.
Services provided
This is how partnering with lumeo’s Lighting as a Service + student engagement works: lumeo pays for the audit, materials, and installation, while the partner gets the rebate and/or incentive (if there is one). lumeo and the partner then share energy savings for three to 10 years. Importantly, lumeo maintains the new lighting system for the length of the agreement. Because Lighting as a Service is a service agreement, it is eligible for off-balance sheet treatment. lumeo engages students throughout the upgrade; students learn how to audit lighting systems, calculate energy and financial savings, and present their findings. For students who want to pursue sustainability, lumeo offers external internships. The same LED upgrade + student engagement model can be implemented with projects that are purchased and/or financed with operating leases, capital leases, equipment loans, etc.
#1 in Entertainment, EPA's Battle of the Buildings
#3 Overall Energy Saver, EPA's Battle of the Buildings
Grand Champion, Energy Showcase