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WaterClick / Waterly

Chicago, IL, USA

Local Governments Helped

Buffalo Grove, IL
Woodridge, IL
Lake Zurich, IL
Greenville, IN
Brown County, IN

Challenges Addressed

Water Supply & Drought
Waste Management
Water Quality
Digital Government



Typical Job Cost

$ (<50K)

Team Members

Chris Sosnowski
Founding CEO

About WaterClick / Waterly

WaterClick is a software company dedicated to accelerating the digitization of small and medium-size water and wastewater utilities. Despite best intentions, many communities find themselves unable to effectively digitize their utility, translating into continued operational inefficiencies, less visibility into asset health & system risks, and an inability to efficiently report key metrics to government, regulators, and ratepayers. Benefits are widely understood, and solutions, of course, exist; however, the way ‘digital water’ is being packaged and sold to smaller utilities is, in fact, the barrier to utility modernization. The net result of stalled digitization is increased public health, safety, and environmental risks.

WaterClick recognized that the way to accelerate utility modernization is NOT to lecture utilities about the benefits of digitization, rather, offer them a digital solution that meets their unique budget and operational needs. We operate a platform that streamlines the onboarding of digital tools, offers pre-configured integrations, and delivers a cloud-based dashboard and support desk, all via a subscription model. At the core of this ‘Platform as a Service’ (PaaS) business model is WaterClick’s proprietary ‘Click-in’ integration, which allows smaller utility operators to benefit from recent innovations in sensing, analytics, and decision support software that the larger utilities are already using; however, with WaterClick operators can simply add/remove features that meet their needs and budget. And for technology companies with innovative ‘digital water’ solutions, WaterClick is an effective path to smart-leaning utility customers.

Waterly is the founding partner of WaterClick, and is an affordable cloud-based app built just for water and wastewater operators that simplifies data management. It improves reliability, resiliency, and safety by providing operations staff immediate feedback on operations while they are collecting data with their mobile device. With over 80% of US-based utilities still resorting to pencil and paper, Waterly gives them an easy path to embrace the digital revolution for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Smart IoT connectivity allows utilities to keep their existing investment in SCADA while cloud technology secures and stores water and wastewater data for future generations. Regulatory reporting is a 1-click effort and sharing water data with anyone (even the public) has never been easier with cloud-based intelligence and smart data management. From managing non-revenue water goals to optimizing treatment, you won't believe that you are creating that digital public works legacy within 2 weeks.

Services Provided

• Simplify Technology Decision-Making: Utilize WaterClick's vetted partners to help assure data compatibility, defensible pricing, a safe cybersecurity posture, as well as great bang for the buck, as all WaterClick partners must undergo a rigorous vetting process to make sure they are 'right fit' for water utilities.

• Simplify Reporting: Send monthly water & wastewater regulatory and operating reports with ONE CLICK.

• Improve Data accuracy: Eliminates clipboards & double-data entry forever.

• Trending and workflows for operators: Summary water flow trends in the field make it easy for anyone with access to see details on flow rate and manage non-revenue water goals.

• Feed from SCADA & Elsewhere Automatically: Waterly supports almost all PLC, metering, and chemical systems. No more copying and pasting into state reports!

• Smart (and small) City Friendly: We embrace “big city technology” and scale it down for your system with SCADA or IoT integration.


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