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Lancaster County, PA, USA

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About RePipe 4710, Inc

RePipe 4710's focus is delivering safe drinking water from the water treatment plant to the tap. We accomplish this by replacing the existing deteriorated mains with a new structurally sound high density polyethylene pipe installed inside the existing main. The process is less expensive and less disruptive than the traditional method of digging and replacing.

We also manufacture a lead service line extraction tool that removes the existing lead service line and simultaneously installs a new copper or plastic pipe without digging up the street or yard.

Services Provided

Two trillion gallons of water are lost in America every year, with the American Water Works Association reporting that leaking pipes cost Americans $5 billion annually. RePipe 4710 is a solution to help America save that water and save money. As a trenchless water main replacement solution RePipe 4710 provides a new pipe system at a cost far below "dig and replace." RePipe's lead service line removal equipment offers a way for cities to bring efficiency and cost savings to addressing the widening public health crisis of lead in water. Absent a new funding source, many water distribution projects are being deferred for years at an enormous public health and financial cost. RePipe is coordinating with emerging innovative finance or impact finance efforts to deploy private capital for public good - in this case delivering healthy water and removing lead service lines.