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Keystone, IA 52249, USA

Challenges Addressed

Stormwater Management



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Team Members

Doug Buch

About PaveDrain

PaveDrain serves local governments by providing sustainable stormwater solutions that prevent flooding and allow the infiltration of stormwater back into the ground.

Founded in 2007 by Doug Buch, PaveDrain is a Wisconsin-based company that offers sustainable stormwater solutions. Prior to founding PaveDrain, Buch spent 20 years of his career focused on using articulating concrete blocks to control erosion. He knew that permeable systems have the dual benefit of preventing flooding by allowing the infiltration of stormwater back into the ground as well as creating micro-ecosystems that thrive in the open-graded aggregate beneath these permeable systems.

Services Provided

As a manufacturing company, PaveDrain sells a patented permeable, arch-shaped pavement that maximizes onsite stormwater capacity during heavy rain. Managing stormwater runoff is a significant challenge for municipal water entities, especially with increased rainfall and mostly impermeable surfaces. Large areas of impermeable concrete inhibit the absorption of stormwater into the ground, causing water to pool and increasing the potential for flooding. PaveDrain’s permeable blocks provide a solution to that problem by allowing water to flow under the surface. The articulated and arched design of PaveDrain bricks allows water to filter into rock bedding beneath them and eventually back into the water table.


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