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KISTERS North America

Roseville, CA, USA

Local Governments Helped

San Francisco, CA
New York City, NY
Tacoma, WA
Capitol Region Watershed District (St. Paul, MN)
Southwest Florida Water Management District

Challenges Addressed

Stormwater Management
Open Data
Water Supply & Drought
Ecosystem Degradation
Water Quality


EngineeringTechnologyTesting & AnalyticsOperationsSoftware

Typical Job Cost

$$ (50K - 1 Million)
Harris County, TX initiates AI flow data collection to better forecast flood risk
Harris County, TX, USA
Harris County Flood Control District, Houston Texas
Evaluating wildfire impacts on regional water quality
Melbourne VIC, Australia
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Department of Environment, Land, Water and Planning
Smarter stormwater drainage to head off localized flooding, intensifying rainfall in London borough
Croydon, UK
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Public Works
County improves watershed monitoring tools & reporting, engages community during population growth
Pierce County, WA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Public Works
Public Health prioritized with online water quality contamination warning system
Philadelphia, PA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Federal grants
Riverside County streamlines stormwater compliance inspections & reporting and monitors fire impacts
Riverside County, CA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Riverside County Flood Control and Water Conservation District
Local districts across great lakes manage water quality & flooding risks in cost-effective co-op
London, ON, Canada
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Water District
Real-time sanitary sewer flow monitoring optimizes service, enables surveillance for public health
Edmonton, AB, Canada
Utility rates
Drainage Services
Coastal water district lessens the vulnerability of drinking water supply
Soquel, CA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Tracking stormwater pollutants from lawns to lakes informs capital projects & public education
St Paul, MN, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Monitoring & Research Division
Public utility improves process to increase data quality, better monitor untreated water quality
Tacoma, WA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Environmental Services
Sustaining urban drinking water supply, from source through city
San Francisco, CA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
SF Water

Team Members

Elizabeth McGoldrick
Marketing Communications
Becca Emery
Business Development Manager

About KISTERS North America

KISTERS develops environmental data management systems with advanced analytical software for integrated and long-term management of water quality and water resources. Leveraging more than 30 years of expertise in Water Information Systems, the firm supports hundreds of clients ranging from consulting engineers to governments of all sizes in the U.S. and Canada. Its software resolves data workflow challenges by securing and aligning varied data sources and formats, automating data quality control, as well as supporting robust analysis, reporting and sharing of information for data-driven operations, accurate forecasts and confident decisions.

As of 2020 globally recognized, innovative sensors and monitoring instruments for all aspects of the hydro-meteorological cycle are now provided in partnership with HSA | a KISTERS Group company. HSA introduced the non-contact (water) discharge radar in the U.S., which is transforming the measurement of water flow and flood forecasting. The global reputation for exacting design and manufacture is traced to high precision tipping bucket rain gauges and cableway towing devices.

KISTERS North America now combines proven data analytics software with highly reliable hardware, so your community can implement a advanced decision support system to solve your most complex hydro-meteorological challenges.

Services Provided

Water Information System by KISTERS (WISKI -- pronounced "whisky") is commercial software for multidisciplinary water time series data storage, analyses and distribution via web services or web portals. KISTERS works closely with public agencies to custom-configure the technology to unique needs of the organization. As more data sources are informing local governments, automated data collection, quality assurance protocols, and alerts to designated personnel ensure attention and response to potential threats of flooding or water contamination.

** Kindly note: we don't provide permitting software, which blends document management and ecommerce. **

Users have the ability to analyze and view data of different resolutions from continuous transmissions and discrete field visits, from satellites and ground-based sensors or in-stream data loggers. Data are displayed as graphs, charts or even map layers in Esri GIS software. The convergence of data improves collaboration and identifies actionable insights, especially as individual users can choose an interface that upholds organizational efficiency and respects personal needs. Depending on a government's cybersecurity needs, the IT solution can be installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud.

With strategic partner VanderSat, KISTERS provides Soil Moisture and Drought Information Service. The remote sensing data and analytics address bad data and help calibrate hydrologic models and decision-support systems that inform emergency management, reservoir/aquifer optimization and planning.

HSA | a KISTERS Group company provides Hydrological and Meteorological instrumentation for accurate adn precise measurement of water flow, water level and water quality. A deep portfolio of Meteorological sensors collect data on rain, hail and snow -- the last being critical for year-round water supplies. HSA specializes in non-contact radar consultation and supply for flood warning and forecasting as well as integrated hail systems that quantify and predict hail damage to large-scale assets such as solar farms. From single sensor to multi-sensor implementation, solutions across the spectrum are available.