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Redwood City, CA, USA

Local Governments Helped

San Francisco Public Works, CA
Topeka, Kansas
Greater Johnstown Water Authority, PA
East Bay Municipal Utility District, CA

Challenges Addressed

Water Supply & Drought
Essential Services
Asset Management


Testing & AnalyticsSoftware

Other Resources


Team Members

Ted Ntwari
Product Manager

About Fracta

Fracta is the developer of a machine-learning and big-data-based technology designed to optimize infrastructure investments. Founded in 2015, the company had the goal of providing towns, cities, and counties, with an accurate and affordable way to assess pipe replacement and repair needs, thereby enabling clients to optimize and prioritize replacement decisions.

Fracta received the AWWA (American WaterWorks Association) 2022 Innovation Award which recognizes those who have implemented an innovative idea, best practice, or solution to address a challenge facing the industry with significant positive results.

Services Provided

Fracta uses Artificial Intelligence to assess the condition of drinking water distribution mains. The company's machine-learning and big-data-based technology use Artificial Intelligence tools to accurately assess pipe replacement needs, forecast risk and control spending, enabling clients to optimize and prioritize replacement decisions impacting water quality, safety, and costs for water utilities.

The technology works by calculating and visualizing the Likelihood of Failure (LOF) for every water main pipe segment. The LOF score represents the mathematical probability of pipe failure, enabling utilities to make better pipe replacement decisions.

Fracta’s objective, big-data-driven method is fast, accurate, and affordable.


AWWA Innovation Award