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Carson City, NV, USA

Challenges Addressed

Citizen Engagement



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Team Members

Kevin Lyons

About FlashVote

The idea for FlashVote came from identifying how professional surveys are a lot of work for governments. Additionally, these surveys, when trying to collect citizen feedback, are often just hearing from a noisy few instead of the majority. Because this feedback can be used by governments to change laws, enact new policies, and take action, it is crucial that the data represent the entire population so the entire community is being served.

FlashVote combines expert consulting and patent-pending software technology into an automated scientific survey service for governments. No more guessing what residents want or think. FlashVote was created by Kevin Lyons and Glenn Korban to make surveys easier and more impactful for governments. Lyons and Korban currently serve as CEO and CTO respectively.

Services Provided

The FlashVote solution combines patent-pending technology and world-class policy and survey design expertise. A community provides the issues. FlashPoint structures, collects, and reports the citizen inputs. Flashpoint can even provide unbiased policy analysis and suggest best practices. The result is better decisions by governments and happier citizens. FlashVote gets large samples of representative residents to answer professionally designed questions – quickly, frequently, and automatically. After putting out questions for residents to answer, cities get statistically valid public input in 48 hours on any issue. Those insights are then used to solve problems and serve the community with truly informed decision-making.

Residents benefit as well because they can easily offer feedback or suggestions to their government through surveys completed in one minute. They decide how much (or how little) to participate but the more input they give, the more they make their voice heard and help make the community better. Input is always anonymous and FlashVote ensures that personal data is not used or shared.