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eCity Transactions LLC

Cedarburg, WI, USA

Local Governments Helped

City of West Allis, WI
City of Champlin, MN
City of Mill Valley, CA
City of Laguna Beach, CA

Challenges Addressed

Citizen Engagement
Civic Technology
Customer Service
Process Improvement



Typical Job Cost

$ (<50K)

Team Members

Brian Wichman

About eCity Transactions LLC

eCity Transactions LLC - Cloud Suite

Maximize Efficiency - Minimize Spending - Simplify Your Process - Design Custom Solutions

eCity - Cloud Suite - is designed for cloud service for local governments, education institutions, business. Delivering increase customer satisfaction, consistent, flexible, simple to use, customized processing. Enabling clients to react to changing client requirements, business initiatives, increase revenue, help make real time decisions, based on changing government policies, laws, and meeting the needs of every department and citizens. eCity Cloud Suite improves consistent transactions designed for real-time, increase revenue, increase productivity

Services Provided

eCity Transactions LLC - Cloud Suite - increases processing for payment, event, reservation, facilities ,parks, recreation, from a dashboard. Simplifies process, managing multiple department services online that cities provide manual today ie (payments, parking, permits, business’s licenses, tax collections)