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CityGrows: Affordable, remote-ready workflow automation for local governments

Erie, PA, USA
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Local Governments Helped

Santa Monica, CA, USA
Chelsea, MA, USA
Inyo County, CA, USA
City of Los Angeles, CA, USA
Erie, PA

Challenges Addressed

Citizen Engagement
Open Data
Customer Service
Digital Government
Process Improvement



Typical Job Cost

$ (<50K)
York, PA converts to digital permitting with low-cost, no-code solution
York, PA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Building and Zoning
City of LA instantly issues sidewalk dining permits to help restaurants reopen safely
Los Angeles, CA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
LADOT and LA Mayor's Office
Erie County, PA offers all local restaurants free digital tools to plan for safe COVID reopening
Erie County, PA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Erie County Health Department
Chelsea, MA's low-cost strategy to bring multiple departments' workflows online for remote work
Chelsea, MA 02150, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Licensing Department, City Manager's Office
Lake Barrington, IL: Rapid transformation to digital licensing for a small local government
Lake Barrington, IL, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Village Clerk Lisa C. Pena-Tlapa
Santa Monica increases community connections and preparedness through digital block party permitting
Santa Monica, CA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Traffic Management Division / Wellbeing
City of Erie Fire Department hires with workflow automation: more applicants, diversity & revenue
Erie, PA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Taxes & User Fees
Fire Department
City of Santa Monica: online workflow tools improve digital services, efficiency, and compliance
Santa Monica, CA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Taxes & User Fees
City of Santa Monica, Department of Transportation, Mobility and Street Services Divisions

Team Members

Jasmine Burns
Customer Success Manager
Catherine Geanuracos
CEO/ Co-founder

About CityGrows: Affordable, remote-ready workflow automation for local governments

CityGrows helps governments transform their operations, increase revenue, and improve process efficiency with low-cost workflow automation tools. 90%+ of constituents want online access for permits, licenses and processes, and your staff are ready for a better way to provide constituent services. Bringing operations online improves efficiency, staff morale, and compliance rates. CityGrows clients can work remotely and continue to offer necessary permitting, licensing, and request workflows, plus change them in real time to adjust to unexpected events.

But don't take our word for it: "Everyone I know who works in government's head is spinning, with all the changes we are having to make. I'm thankful we have our licenses on CityGrows, so we can adjust things quickly when we need to. That's priceless!" Lisa C. Pena-Tlapa, Lake Barrington Village Clerk

CityGrows is the only self-service workflow automation software created with small and medium-sized local governments in mind. CityGrows started in Santa Monica, we and learned that local governments need a flexible option that can handle any type of permit, license, request or payment process, and internal processes too. We launched in early 2016, and we've expanded to work with governments across California and the United States.

We’ve built a business model that aligns our interests with those of our government clients and lets even the smallest government provide excellent digital services and work remotely at extremely low cost.

Services Provided

Are you ready to ditch paper forms and legacy systems? Do you need to transition quickly to remote work and digital services? Interested in maintaining revenue, being able to change workflows in real time, and improving staff and customer satisfaction? Updating your website content is important, but transforming your operations means moving to digital workflows, especially now. CityGrows is low-cost, accessible, remote-ready workflow automation software for local governments. Bringing permits, licenses, and processes online is easy: with CityGrows, there's no coding or IT support needed to get your government's work online. We have governments going live with new workflows in as little as a few days, and we make it easy to start with templates that other governments have developed and validated.

Our low-cost subscription plans mean there's no need to spend time on an RFP process. You can get started today without any up-front costs, and decide whether you like our software after you've had the chance to use it. Most governments pay only a few hundred dollars per month to have access to unlimited workflows and unlimited admin users, so you can digitize multiple departments, all for the same cost. We price based on population size, so we're affordable for any size of government.

CityGrows helps governments set up and manage permits, licenses, requests, payments, and processes online, from start to finish. It’s a new, risk-free way to provide the online services your constituents and staff are waiting for, and bring the benefits of technology into your government. We're designed to work for any size of government or type of workflow, and you customize workflows to collect the data you need.

We're working with governments across the country that are building out more and more automated workflows every day, and with coming budget pressures, governments are realizing they can transition to digital permitting for far less than they ever imagined.

We support everything from dog licenses to building permits to employee evaluation processes for our government clients, and add more templates and capabilities all the time. You can get started and test out our software without any commitment. We're changing government, one process at a time.


Global Winner, Citi Technology for Integrity Challenge
CA Assn of Counties Technology Challenge Award for Inyo County
ICMA Startup Program
Civstart Govtech Innovation Cohort