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Brooklyn, NY, USA

Local Governments Helped

Lancaster, PA
Carlisle, PA
Valley Regional Transit
Wichita, KS
Norristown, PA

Challenges Addressed

Citizen Engagement
Civic Technology
Digital Government
Process Improvement



Team Members

Ben Gordon
Business Development
Natalie Ricklefs
Digital Marketing Manager US

About CitizenLab

CitizenLab is a digital democracy platform that facilitates communication and co-creation between cities and their communities. Residents can post, discuss, and upvote their own ideas, or choose to vote, prioritize, and fund projects that their city is considering. 300+ cities across 18+ countries use CitizenLab to engage, consult, and deliberate with their residents and manage their input - both asynchronously and live through their one-of-a-kind workshops feature that brings the sense of community to the digital era. The company was founded in Belgium and has quickly expanded across Europe, and within new markets in the UK, Chile, and most recently in the US.

Services Provided

CitizenLab provides a community engagement toolbox for governments who want to engage their community members on a wide range of topics. This range of tools (polls, participatory budgeting, citizen initiatives, verified voting, ideation...) allows governments to combine consultation methods and involve their residents in every step of the decision-making process. In addition to features like mapping and Natural Language Processing, what sets our product apart is the tool's user-friendliness - it was designed with civil servants and communities in mind, and speaks their language.

Once large numbers of resident input are collected, the platform's integrated artificial intelligence capabilities cluster them into similar themes, place them on a map, and group them according to certain user characteristics. These features help public servants (who often have limited time, resources, and data analysis skills) to quickly get to the most useful insights, share the results with their teams, and use this data to make more representative decisions. By having a better understanding of residents' priorities, governments are able to allocate resources accordingly and respond more efficiently, therefore increasing satisfaction in local public services.


TechCrunch Digital Top 50 - Top European Social Impact startup
VivaTech - Top "digital and inclusion" startup
World Summit Award - "Governments & Citizen engagement" category
Top Tier Impact Award - Sustainable Cities