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Aquatic Informatics

Vancouver, BC, Canada

Challenges Addressed

Coastal & Tidal Flooding
Hurricanes & Severe Storms
Stormwater Management
Open Data
Water Supply & Drought
Infectious Disease
Ecosystem Degradation
Essential Services
Waste Management
Water Quality
Law Enforcement and Emergency Response
Digital Government



Kentucky FOG & IPP program integrates with rest of Sanitation District despite complex compliance
Northern, KY 41640, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Laboratory & Industrial Pretreatment Manager
Orlando Protects Citizens During Heavy Rain Events by Optimizing Water Data Intelligence
Orlando, FL, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Streets and Stormwater Division
Streamlining Clean Water Act Compliance Like a Big City on a Small Town Budget
Marlborough, MA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Water & Sewer Division
Improved Water Quality and More Field Time Due to a 97% Reduction in Office Admin Work
Marin County, CA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Supervisor, Reclamation & Backflow
Integrated city systems, unified data, & automation drive 316% increase in field efficiency
Seattle, WA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
FOG Program Manager
FL Water District Ensures Sustainability by Monitoring 7,000+ Continuous Water Quality Data Points
Florida, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Technical Program Manager for the Water Quality Monitoring Program
Nebraska DNR Facilitates Cross-Department Collaboration with Holistic Water Management System
Nebraska City, NE 68410, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Head of Water Administration
Backflow testing & maintenance program promotes safe drinking water in Miami Dade
Miami, FL, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Chief Meter Operations & Maintenance
Improved Efficiency of Water Quality Management with Data Integration for Faster Decision-Making
Riverside, CA, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Water Quality Administrator

Team Members

Ed Quilty
President & Founder
Kevin Martin
Marketing Director
Rhett Ohlsen
Business Development

About Aquatic Informatics

Aquatic Informatics is a mission-driven software company that empowers utilities, municipalities, and environmental agencies to tackle tomorrow’s water challenges—today. As the world’s largest water data management provider trusted by over 1,000 organizations spanning 60 countries, Aquatic Informatics delivers solutions that improve water data integrity, streamline regulatory compliance, and strengthen resilience.

Our solutions portfolio include Aquarius analytics software for natural environments, WaterTrax compliance and electronic reporting tools for municipalities, Linko software for the management of industrial pretreatment and hauled waste records, and Tokay for the management of backflow prevention and cross connection control programs.

From source water through to the receiving environment, our interconnected data management platforms uniquely drive the efficient management of water across the water cycle to improve data integrity, streamline regulatory compliance, and strengthen resilience with;

- Scalable data storage architecture built for today and years to come

- Robust tools with rich APIs and open source technology to support data sharing and integrations

- Active product roadmaps with a dedicated R&D team pushing new boundaries with Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence technology

- A network of support and customer success specialists available to assist and educate your teams.

Regardless of industry or water system, we help teams provide their leadership and stakeholders with timely water information and insights.

At home and abroad, Aquatic Informatics has forged strong relationships with a diverse range of organizations including Water Survey Canada, the US Geological Survey, the US Army Corps of Engineers, the US National Parks Service, the City of Memphis, the City of Ottawa, Sacramento Municipal Utility District, the City of Orlando, Riverside Public Utilities, and many others.

Contact us to find out how we can partner to help with critical water data management, analytics, and compliance challenges.

Services Provided

Aquatic Informatics provides software solutions that address critical water data management, analytics, and compliance challenges to maximize your water data wherever it occurs across all sectors and industries.

» Stormwater: Gain valuable insights to better manage your operations with historical and real-time flow data & analysis – a modern solution for today’s environment.

» Source Water: Leverage water balanced models to help your team appropriately allocate water resources, all while minimizing impact on our natural environment.

» Drinking Water: Managing a highly regulated resource such as drinking water requires accurate data, advanced record computation, and sophisticated analysis. With these tools, your team can take decisive action, file regular reports with ease, and save valuable time.

» Wastewater: Monitor and analyze water and wastewater system data through driven data collection, and automated data management, to streamline regulatory compliance practices and improve data integrity.

» Pretreatment: Streamline program activities and evaluating industrial pretreatment compliance by managing events, reducing risks, creating compliance reports, and working with industry to mitigate violations.

» Fats, Oils & Grease: Simplify compliance management with a complete timeline of communications, maintenance, and inspection history. Save time and reduce manual tasks with automation to speed up program delivery and easily maintain the inventory and history of facilities, contacts, equipment, and activities in an organized and searchable interface.

» Backflow and Cross-Connection: Manage backflow devices and hazards in less time, while improving defensibility with streamlined administration, quick and accurate reporting, easy-to-use online portal, and customizable based on specific needs.

» Utility Operations Management & Network Intelligence: Monitor infrastructure assets in real-time for streamlined water system operations across the utility by unifying disconnected systems and extending the useful life of water and wastewater system assets such as pipes, valves, pumps, and more.


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