2021 City COVID Survey: Local Government’s New Normal » Profile of New Normal Survey Respondents

Profile of Survey Respondents


599 local government officials and staff shared their perspectives on the lasting impacts on local government.


While 69% of respondents represented municipalities, respondents also included county employees, special district staff and utility executives.

department breakdown of respondents
Local government officials and staff from various departments shared their insights.


As before, this follow up survey captured the perceptions of local government leaders from mostly small and midsize communities.


This group is often underrepresented in public discussions, but very representative of most communities across the country.

color-coded map of the United States by region. Northeast, Midatlantic, Southeast, Midwest, Southwest, Northwest, West
Local government officials and staff from across the United States shared their insights.


Local Government's New Normal - PDF Version
A PDF version of the survey results & analysis.
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