2021 City COVID Survey: Local Government’s New Normal » COVID-19 Stimulus Only Staunched the Bleeding

COVID-19 Stimulus Only Staunched the Bleeding


In summer of 2020, only 2% of respondents expected their organization would not face any furloughs, RIFs of layoffs. Now 28% of respondents reported there were no significant layoffs.

Which areas did your local government apply 2020 COVID-19 relief funding to?
Local governments used the COVID-19 stimulus to cover payroll and retain local government employees.

Community programs that many residents, and primarily low-income and minority residents, rely on were hit with closures, budget cuts and layoffs. Survey responses indicated that COVID-19 relief funding didn’t do much to help.

Which departments in your local government experienced layoffs since the pandemic began?
In addition, household support and community programs like broadband and K-12 education received less funding from the stimulus package than other priorities.
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