2021 City COVID Survey: Local Government’s New Normal » COVID-19 Has Increased Expectations of Local Government

COVID-19 has increased expectations of local government


Greater expectations are coming along with the widespread adoption of new technologies. For example, when we asked in July 2020, 38% of respondents reported they expect residents will demand quicker response times from their local government moving forward. When we asked the same question in April 2021, the percentage was 53%…a 15% increase.

Moving forward, local government respondents expect residents will demand:
With new technology adoptions, residents have higher expectations.

To meet these needs, local governments will take a variety of approaches. Not only did 70% of respondents report that they’ll adopt even more software and technology to streamline service delivery in the future, but 33% said they would rely more on external partners and 29% said they were trying to reduce silos.

how do you think your organization will streamline public service delivery in the future
Government technology to streamline public services will continue to grow.
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