2020 City COVID Survey: Local Government’s Next Normal » Managing People: COVID & Morale, Retirements

Managing People: COVID & Morale, Retirements

Survey findings show that there’s a significant impact on local government employees and how they view their jobs and their roles in their organizations.

These findings, paired with findings that local governments are seeking technology solutions, indicate that human resources, community engagement, and payroll and benefits should be included in the discussion about what technology can do to assuage the concerns raised about employee leadership development, benefits and retirements, and morale.

COVID has negatively impacted local government employee morale and put a hold on retirements but has helped uncover new leaders.
Response rates differed when asking local government employees from small and midsize communities versus bigger cities.

A majority of respondents in larger communities indicate that “new leaders” have been uncovered during the pandemic. A large percentage of respondents (70 percent) in larger communities say that planned retirements may be put on hold, likely due to concerns about the effects of COVID on the economy and retirement portfolios.

Responses from both large and small communities indicate that employees aren’t doing well: morale has been significantly impacted due to concerns about COVID, constantly changing headlines and news, and new and revised working scenarios.

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