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Ellory Monks

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Created: Friday, May 17, 2019 | Updated: Thursday, April 28, 2022

Alliance for Innovation #TLG19 unConference Next Steps…on The Atlas!

At #TLG19 in Reno this year, Alliance for Innovation with us (The Atlas!) to help facilitate next steps from its conference. Why shouldn’t learning and sharing happen after the conference, all year long, online? To kick things off, we’ll be sharing notes and next steps from Alliance for Innovation’s unConference sessions in a series of articles, keep the conversation going.

The Atlas Team was very excited to be at Alliance for Innovation’s #TLG19 helping facilitate next steps from the conference

Topics that will be covered:

  • An Aging Population & Millennials in Local Gov: Generations in the Workplace
  • City Onboarding & Succession Planning: Tips for Knowledge-Sharing
  • Government Social Media: The Who’s, Why’s & How’s

All Alliance for Innovation members that have Atlas accounts can log in to react, comment & ask follow-up questions based on what was discussed during the unConference sessions in their feeds. Just because you couldn’t participate in person at #TLG19 doesn’t mean you can’t participate now!

There wasn’t enough time to discuss every topic suggested as unConference sessions. Some topics folks indicated interest in discussing but were not discussed during a dedicated session include:

  • Artificial intelligence & customer service
  • CRM systems: do you need one?
  • Drones
  • Data dashboards: how is your local gov using them?
  • Topics in snow & ice removal
unConference topics at Alliance for Innovation's #TLG19
There wasn’t enough time to discuss some of the topics that were suggested as unConference sessions. But we don’t have to wait for next year’s conference – we can discuss these topics online (on The Atlas!)

This is part of the beauty of Alliance for Innovation + The Atlas combining forces. There may not have been time to discuss every possible topic during #TLG19, but cities can continue (and start!) conversations online, on The Atlas. Over the next few weeks, we’ll be rolling out the ability for city staff to post questions to other city staff on The Atlas. This is a perfect opportunity to have the conversations that you wish you’d had time to have at #TLG19. Stay tuned!

Finally, one important way you can keep the learning & sharing that happened at #TLG19 going all year long is to share your city’s success stories on The Atlas. If you presented at #TLG19, you should add your presentation as a case study to The Atlas (checkout the city case study database here). The Atlas Team will help…if you presented at #TLG19 you can expect someone from The Atlas to reach out soon via email.

It only takes ~15 minutes to add a case study, and it will enable thousands of local government staff to learn about your city success story all year long. It’s great visibility for your city or organization! Join here if you haven’t already & click the big green ADD PROJECT button that appears on your top navigation bar.

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