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Articles and resources for Alliance for Innovation members, starting with a series of articles following up on #TLG19’s unConference.

Government Social Media: The Whos, Whys & Hows
Government social media can be an incredible tool to connect with residents & other cities, but many cities and their staffs are hesitant to dive in.
An Aging Population…What’s a Local Gov to do?
Cities with an aging population or large percentage of millennials can struggle to make their services inclusive of these groups. Here are ideas to address.
Alliance for Innovation and The Atlas
Alliance for Innovation partnered with The Atlas to facilitate next steps from its conference. Why shouldn’t city learning happen all year long, online?
City Onboarding & Succession Planning
City onboarding & succession planning can be a challenge for any city. Here are ideas from Alliance for Innovation's #TLG19 about how to improve.