Together we'll build better cities

The Atlas is a free online community for local government leaders to browse case studies, follow topics and crowdsource ideas and advice.

The Atlas envisions a world where cities are safer, smarter and more sustainable because city officials have quick, easy access to all of the solutions and partners they need to solve their toughest problems – problems like citizen engagement, climate change, and mobility.
After leaving government service in 2013, The Atlas co-founders worked with 8 cities to pursue infrastructure innovations as a part of a large philanthropic effort. It became obvious that cities needed a safe place online to learn, share and build relationships. Thus, The Atlas was born!
The Atlas was founded by three women under 35, two of whom are military spouses and all of whom are former government officials themselves. The Atlas is fueled by a dedicated, enthusiastic and (admittedly) nerdy team that loves dogs. It is proud to call the City of San Diego home.


Elle Hempen
Executive Vice President, GovExec and Co-Founder, The Atlas
Ellory Monks
Executive Vice President, GovExec and Co-Founder, The Atlas
Angela Murrell
Vice President, GoveExec and Co-Founder, The Atlas


Erik Caldwell
Director of Data Strategy
Clarence Wittwer
Director of Community
Josh Colgan
Director of Sales
Marcos Hung
Director of Growth
Grey Vugrin
Director of Frontend Engineering
Jenny Bormacoff
UX Engineer
David Pitt
Backend Engineer
Daniel Ricwulf
Project Manager
Rachel Angulo
Content Marketing Manager
Leo King
Content Marketing Specialist
Avery Guest
Content Marketing Specialist
Ron Vasquez
SaaS Sales Representative


Shalini Vajjhala, PhD
Co-founder & Advisor
Hon. Michael Nutter
Hon. Richard J. Berry

City Advisory Team

Kip Harkness
Deputy City Manager, City of San Jose
Cathy Bailey
Director, Greater Cincinnati Water Works Department
Chris Castro
Director of Sustainability & Resilience, City of Orlando
Michael Sherwood
Director of Technology and Innovation, City of Las Vegas
Andy Kricun
Former Executive Director/Chief Engineer, Camden County Municipal Utilities Authority
David Graham
Chief Innovation Officer, City of Carlsbad
Calvin Farr
General Manager, Prince William County Service Authority
Reese Johnson
Superintendent, Compliance Services Division; Metropolitan Sewer District of Greater Cincinnati
Kirk Talbott
Chief Information Officer, Metropolitan Atlanta Transit Authority
Albert Carbon
Public Works Director, City of Oakland Park