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Asset Management
Citizen Engagement
Energy Efficiency
Citizen Engagement
Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety
Mobility & Access
Driving Equitable Landowner Participation in Green Stormwater Infrastructure Incentive Programs
St. Louis, MO, USA
Public Private Partnership
Metropolitan St. Louis Sewer District
Stormwater Management
Citizen Engagement
Civic Technology
Air Quality, Health, Noise
Pedestrian & Bicycle Safety
Process Improvement
Reporting on What Matters Accelerates the Village of Lemont’s Strategic Plan
Lemont, IL, USA
General Fund/Existing Public Funds
Senior Leadership Team
Economic Development
Citizen Engagement
Digital Government
Process Improvement
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The Atlas is the place city officials come online, for free, to learn from each other about what’s working (and not working) on the ground when it comes to smart cities, sustainable cities and resilient cities.

Kip Harkness,
Deputy City Manager, City of San Jose

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The foundation of The Atlas is its database of interactive city case studies that local governments use to source new solutions and new partners. While The Atlas was built for cities, it also works with implementing partners – like government technology companies, design consultants and engineering firms – to transform their marketing materials into interactive, compelling examples of how they’ve worked with cities to solve specific problems.

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