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Hurricane Katrina Storm Damage Risk Reduction

Atkins works with USACE to develop and manage the $14 billion risk reduction program in New Orleans and Southern Louisiana, which includes levees and floodwalls, locks, dams and sector gates, pump stations, freshwater diversions, marsh creation, and barrier island restoration. HSDRRS was designed for a 50-year project life and the design accounted for sea level rise, subsidence and increased storm frequency throughout that time frame. Construction of the system also included resiliency features, such as the armoring of the backside of levees and floodwalls to prevent scour in the event of wave overtopping. For more information visit:

  • Keywords:



  • Regions: North America

    Countries: United States

    States: LA

    Cities: New Orleans

  • Project Type:

    Built Environment



  • Impact Addressed:

    Coastal Floods

    Inland Floods

    Severe Storms

  • Status:

    Under construction

  • Capital Cost:

    14 Billion USD

  • Financing Type: