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Oakey Meadows Storm Drain System

Typically thought of as a hot and dry region, the colorful desert surrounding the City of Las Vegas actually experiences some of the most intense rainfall and flash flooding in the Western U.S., especially during the monsoon months of July through September. These brief but powerful thunderstorms can strike at random, creating a sudden onslaught of water that can damage property and envelop vehicles caught in the storm’s path. According to the Centers for Disease Control, more than half of fatalities attributed to flash floods are people swept away in vehicles crossing flooded intersections. To reduce the risk of flash flooding in downtown Las Vegas, Atkins provided engineering design services for a 5-mile storm drain system serving the city’s central regions. For more information visit:

  • Keywords:

    flash flood

    storm drain

  • Regions: North America

    Countries: United States

    States: NV

    Cities: Las Vegas

  • Project Type:



  • Impact Addressed:


    Inland Floods

  • Status:


  • Capital Cost:

    613 Thousand USD

  • Financing Type: